Merchant Banking International

Founded in 1985, Merchant Banking International unites a renaissance of old world merchant banking with 21st century leading edge science to bring unique and unusually creative services to early stage, emerging growth, middle market, and multi-national companies.

Extremely extensive experience and knowledge, rigorous scientifically-based proprietary systems, and the overriding commitment to putting clients’ interests first, provide distinct advantages for astute clients seeking to attain beyond best in class.

Merchant Banking International specializes in solving complex challenges for clients. With a very broad range of experience in a very wide variety of industries, MBI is highly proficient with our unique Corporate Engineering© and Financial Engineering© systems, with particular strengths in the areas of leading-edge technology and complex domestic and international activities.

Merchant Banking International helps clients flourish and succeed with Board, shareholder and senior executive mentorship, operational support, and financial support. MBI brings abundant and expansive experience honed over more than three decades advising over 1,000 clients on over $15 billion of projects and transactions.

Merchant Banking International is typically engaged on an exclusive, long-term, trusted and respected relationship basis by our clients.