Advisory Services

Merchant Banking International provides advisory services specializing in solving complex challenges. Strategic dialogues are established with clients and focus on issues that affect fundamental value. Merchant Banking International has a broad menu of advisory skills to help design and affect the most appropriate strategic and tactical initiatives. Experience, industry expertise, rigorous scientifically-based proprietary artificial intelligence systems, and commitment to putting clients’ interests first, provide distinct advantages in client engagements.

Because of its discernment and experience, Merchant Banking International places particular emphasis on:

  • Our Unique Corporate Engineering© and Financial Engineering© Services
  • Developing Alliances, Partners & Joint Ventures
  • Domestic and International Products & Services Marketing
  • Innovative Structuring of Projects
  • Facilitation of Debt & Equity
  • Sales of Private Companies
  • Inspired Capital Structuring
  • Design and Development of Project Financings
  • Multiple Scenarios Development and Analysis
  • Formulating Optimum Mixes of Debt and Equity and Pricing of Each Instrument
  • Diverse Mentoring Services to Advise and Guide C-Suite Executives and Boards
  • Restructuring Existing Capital, Debt and Equity to Obtain the Benefit of Lower Costs
  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Understanding for Our Clients of Financial and Corporate Practices Which are Outside or Differ Sharply from Their Experience and Knowledge
  • Strategic and Tactical Portfolio Development
  • Structuring Expansions and Diversifications
  • Valuations
  • Macro and Micro Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Multivariate Analysis of Projects, Organizations, Inventions, etc.
  • Turnarounds
  • Minimizing Risks in Relationships
  • Design and Development of Presentations for Investors
  • Recapitalizations
  • Providing Clients with Technical Skills, Negotiating Skills
  • Counseling
  • Pre-Investment Analysis
  • Mobilizing Knowledge to Help Clients Succeed