MBI Funds

Merchant Banking International, an innovator of unique and creative corporate and financial structures, is developing two new series of funds:

  • The Special Situations Funds series
  • The Intellectual Capital Funds series

Special Situations Funds

Merchant Banking International is developing Special Situations Fund I. The Fund will invest with controlling or influential minority positions in private equity special situations of innovative early-stage, emerging growth and middle-market companies. Special Situations Fund I will be open to qualified institutional investors and individuals. MBI seeks robust returns from the Special Situations Fund I and future Special Situations Funds by focusing on market opportunities and complex situations of clients looking for a strong financial and advisory partner. Special Situations Fund I is set at $500 million.

Intellectual Capital Funds

Transforming Intellectual Property into Intellectual Capital
Transforming Intellectual Property into Intellectual Capital

MBI’s Intellectual Capital Funds is part of an entirely new platform for intellectual property to be developed into what MBI calls, “Monetized Intellectual Capital”.  The Intellectual Capital series of funds are aimed at investing in innovative technology that modernizes fundamental industries in multiple sectors. The funds represent an opportunity for MBI to leverage its significant holdings in intellectual property. MBI has substantial experience in intellectual property development and assistance over the past 30+ years.

“These funds are the natural next step for MBI’s growth,” says Merchant Banking International Co-Founder Charles F. Bacon. “We are on the verge of the next stage past the industrial revolution. Critical intellectual property-base industries collectively making up over half of the US and other countries’ GDP. It is the perfect time for this new Intellectual Capital platform and funds, both in terms of the marketplace, and especially for our unique position in the intellectual property space.”

The Intellectual Capital Funds reflect MBI’s new signature intellectual capital approach to monetizing intellectual property. Innovations are developed only after exhaustive research of the inventions, the target markets, the subsequent products and services, and their strength to build viable companies. The Intellectual Capital Funds acquire innovation rights and monetize the value of those innovations to generate revenue and profit. We identify, analyze and acquire a wide-range of innovation rights from individual inventors. We monetize our portfolio of innovation rights to generate revenues and profits through new corporations by commercializing the innovations, or by licensing the innovations to appropriate licensees. Our current innovations portfolio consists of 114 innovations, comprised of trade secrets, know-how, pending patents, copyrights, trademarks and service marks. We compensate the innovators through combinations of a percentage of revenues, common stock and/or preferred stock. Upon the formation of each new corporation, the innovation rights are transferred to the corporations. To investors, MBI offers co-investment opportunities to partners, and the ultimate intellectual property alignment — what MBI calls “Real Intellectual Capital”.

Intellectual Capital Fund I is set at $1 billion. The current Intellectual Property Portfolio includes 114 innovations distributed across the following sectors:

  • Building Management
  • Clothing
  • Communications (5)
  • Community Improvement
  • Computers
  • Cosmetics (8)
  • Deodorants
  • Displays (4)
  • Electrical Devices (2)
  • Electron Tubes
  • Electronic Instrumentation (4)
  • Electronics (2)
  • Energy (2)
  • Fiber Optics
  • Film
  • Fire
  • Fluid Flow
  • Fluidic Controls
  • Food (5)
  • Fuel
  • Furniture (2)
  • Healthcare (10)
  • Imaging (2)
  • Insect Control
  • Instrumentation (2)
  • Jewelry
  • Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Lighting
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Materials (2)
  • Motors
  • Music
  • Office Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Paint
  • Photography
  • Pigments
  • Plumbing (2)
  • Precision Devices (5)
  • Printing (3)
  • Pumps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recreation (2)
  • Security (5)
  • Sports (3)
  • Television (2)
  • Transportation (3)
  • Vehicles
  • Weather (2)
  • Word Processing