Project Submission Procedures

Merchant Banking International Project Submission Procedures

Merchant Banking International, Inc. welcomes inquiries from prospective clients at all times. Requests must include the submission of complete information on the proposed project. Applicants are strongly encouraged to execute the MBI Bilateral Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement*. If the project meets Merchant Banking International, Inc.’s current criteria and emphasis, the applicant will be invited to discuss a formal relationship with Merchant Banking International, Inc.

Applicants should provide a concise statement of their needs, taking into account all possibly relevant information. Proposals should demonstrate a sound strategy to be implemented by qualified people with the skills and commitment to achieve the goals set forth. Quite often, Merchant Banking International will recommend new clients focus on the refinement of their strategic plans and documentation.

Requests for assistance must be made with a substantial business plan which shows, at minimum:

  • Market(s) to be addressed
  • Objectives of the company and project
  • Plan of development
  • Anticipated revenue and profit results
  • Backgrounds of all senior personnel, Board members & stockholders
  • Timetable
  • Use of proceeds of any and all debt and/or capital projects, current or historical
  • The organization’s most recent financial statements
  • Your cover letter should clearly state the dollar amounts needed for specific time periods, and briefly describe any unusual qualifications of the principals and the organization.

The letter of inquiry, business plan, and supporting information should be submitted to: Merchant Banking International, Inc., Attention New Projects, at the following email address: Questions should be addressed by email to the same email address.

Merchant Banking International, Inc. accepts neither responsibility for keeping any part of an unsolicited proposal confidential, nor obligation to return unsolicited proposals to the applicant.

Detailed Proposal Requirements

All of the information indicated should be included in some manner:

  • Title of project
  • Date of submission
  • Organization name
  • Organization address
  • Organization phone number
  • Organization website(s)
  • Organization email(s)
  • Amount of funds requested
  • Dates of proposed project operation
  • Executive Summary (typically one to three pages)
  • Identify the applicant
  • Summarize the project’s objectives
  • Introduction: Describe the organization, its history, purposes, goals, programs and accomplishments.
  • Project Description
  • Identify the need to be addressed
  • Summarize project goals
  • Indicate specific, measurable objectives to be accomplished
  • Describe methods or procedures to be followed
  • Provide timetable for activities
  • List personnel to be involved, their number and qualifications
  • Include plan for administration and evaluation of the project
  • Attachments
  • List of Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • List of shareholders and their affiliations
  • List of Advisors and their affiliations
  • List of all lawyers and law firms involved
  • List of all accountants and accounting firms involved
  • List of all consultants and consulting firms involved
  • Most current financial statement, showing amounts and sources of current income
  • Historical financial statements, up to 5 years
  • Auditor’s report (if available)
  • A summary profile of all sources and amounts of financial support for the past five years
  • Letters of support, as appropriate
  • Copies of relevant articles, blog posts, books, manuscripts, papers, films, videotapes, etc.
  • Bibliography of works in progress, submitted for publication, or published as a result of the company.
  • Use of Proceeds / Budget Guidelines
  • A narrative must accompany the use of proceeds and budgets, describing each line item.
  • Line items must clearly delineate specific costs. For example, salaries should be indicated for each employee, and employees identified by title.
  • All line items should be supported including explanations for calculating costs. This can take several forms: estimates based on past experience; third party bids; or contracts. In all cases, the rationale used should be shown in detail.
  • Fringe benefits may be calculated as a percentage of salaries but each element contributing to the total percentage should be described.
  • Indirect costs should be reasonable, identifiable and related directly to the cost of the project.
  • Necessary equipment or other capital items should be described in detail and justified.
  • Similar to expense criteria, revenue projections must also be detailed, by line item.

In addition to the above, the following questions are not required, but are strongly encouraged to be answered:

  • What innovations have been created by the people of the company?
  • When the company was begun, what were the objectives of the company?
  • How were those objectives to be achieved originally?
  • To date, what have been the principal accomplishments?
  • How have they been achieved?
  • What is the future of this company?
  • What have been the principal shortfalls?
  • What was done to correct them?
  • What have been the principal problems or obstacles encountered?
  • How have they been overcome?
  • What major economic, social or other factors changed during this period and how have these affected the company?
  • What major economic, social or other factors changed during this period and how have these affected the company?
  • What is planned for the company in the coming decade?

Approved Projects

Notice of approval will be sent to applicants within one to three weeks following the submission of all information requests.

If the project meets current criteria and there is sufficient uncommitted time available for possible client support, the prospect will be invited to consider a Merchant Banking International, Inc. relationship.

It should be recognized that Merchant Banking International, Inc. receives requests far in excess of its capacity. Therefore, not all requests can be considered. However, all applications within the scope of Merchant Banking International’s current criteria are given thorough study.

Following notification of a project, the prospective client will be asked to sign a contract that sets forth all aspects and conditions to which the project is subject.

Client relationships are typically exclusive, since Merchant Banking International typically participates on a senior or junior principal basis, therefore only succeeding by sharing in the long-term equity and profitability success of our clients.


To receive the MBI Bilateral Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, please go to this link. Thank you.